Monday, December 30, 2013

Reasons For A Young Girl To Wear Silver Hood Earrings

After writing the following article, the female author felt ready to run out and search for silver hood earrings. In fact, she has made plans to travel up to the area around Beverly Hills, CA, an area where she might well find a shop with silver hood earrings. Still, the writer of the following article has other business to attend to in that same area. Her busy schedule tends to limit the amount of time that she can spend doing any sort of shopping. That fact probably explains why the writer only dreams about owning a new pair of earrings.

Silver Hood Earrings

Before a young girl ever begins her search for a stylish pair of earrings, she must first decide to wear earrings. Some girls have elected to have pierced ears. They wear some sort of earring every day. Other girls have the option of either putting on a pair of earrings or of doing without them.

A woman of any age should be aware of the extent to which a single pair of earrings can help to dress-up the face. Earrings can supplement the function of make-up on the face. Take, for example, the silver hood earrings sold under the brand name “Mondera.”

Silver Hood Jewelry Earrings

Those earrings have moonstones in a bezel setting. Those two oval-shaped moonstones on each earring are orange and grey. The orange color has the ability to call attention to a woman’s eyes—be they blue, brown, grey or green.

Now if a young girl with pierced ears wants to wear silver hood earrings, she needs to look at brands other than “Mondera.”  The Mondera earrings do not have any sort of pin that must be inserted in the ear. They have a post-with-friction back. That post holds the earrings on the ear.

While not made for pierced ears, the silver hood earrings by Mondera are just as stylish as dangling pierced earrings. They have just the right amount of “dangle.” They hang down a distance of only 19.5 millimeters. More importantly, the entire combination of gems and silver does not weigh a great deal.

The two stones in the Mondera earrings weigh a total of 3.8 grams. The silver in the each earring weighs a total. of 1.7 grams. Together those two materials do not create an earring that is apt to pull excessively on the ear of any young girl who might wear such earrings.

There are thus a number of good reasons for a young girl to consider buying a pair of silver hood earrings. At least one such pair can help her to glamorize her eyes. It can allow her to dress up her entire head and neck. That can be a great benefit at night, when a young girl might well have her nick exposed.

Because at least one jewelry maker provides silver hood earrings that are not meant for pierced ears, a young girl can use such earrings to distinguish face from the face of other young women, some of whom might have pierced ears. She can use her earrings to create an appearance that is just as stylish and fetching as theirs.

If a young girl has long hair, she can style her hair in way the exposes her ears. In that way she can accentuate the style and beauty of any pair of earrings.